For the past 35 years inspite of being happily married both my wife and myself are having an affair – with PHOTOGRAPHY

Nowhere in the world is a profession more rewarding and fulfilling as doing something you love and get paid for it.

It is said “The Journey is written not the Destination” and my journey started at 13 when I was presented with an AGFA CLACK camera by a doting uncle to whom I am eternally grateful.

Life really is generous to those who pursue their destiny. The only way to learn a profession, any profession,is by making mistakes and we have made our share of mistakes, learned our lessons and have never repeated them.

“To enable others to enjoy photography and videography, I am also teaching the same for the last 10 years.”

Last words:
On judgement of our work and that of others
When ones work is equal to ones judgement;
That is a bad sign for one’s judgement.
And when one’s work surpasses one’s judgement that is even worse.
But when one’s judgement exceeds the work that is a very good omen & a person so endowed will produce excellent work and they will be of a kind to make others stop and contemplate such perfection with admiration.